house projects

I admit it I'm a serial renovator. I finish one project and I'm already on the lookout for something else. Each month I tear my way through countless magazines and blogs looking for ideas. Sadly, it seems like there are fewer and fewer design magazines to look at each month. Thank goodness there are other bloggers out there who find amazing projects to look at. I find myself going to blogs more and more often for inspiration. My current house project list looks something like this:

  • Update hallway - new rug, new art (maybe a salon wall hang of black and white pieces)
  • Update dining room - new light fixture and chairs
  • Work on making kitchen more inviting (more on this later)

Recently, I've been working on the entrance way. Here's how it looked when we bought it:

And here is how it looks today:

The flags and wood barrel I bought last summer at an Antique Fair. I was born in England, which is maybe why I am always drawn to the relaxed, rambling style of British homes. This hallway from Living Etc. sums up that style.

I'm also really drawn to these simple wood stairs from Living Etc.

However, we just finished painting all of our treads out in a off-black so it will be awhile before I attempt something like this. I'm going to paint the front door in off-black to match the stairs which I think will unify the space better, Oh, and the "bench" in the hallway is actually our coffee table that we moved out of the living room when Harry started walking. Eventually, I'll replace it with a console table but for now it works. I might even top it with an upholstered pillow.