bedroom revealed (pretty much!)

I wouldn't call this a fait accompli but it is pretty darn close - close enough that I'm happy to share a few photos with you all today. After two months of painting and planning and searching and shopping and sourcing our bedroom now looks like this: It's quite a switch from our former bedroom! The moment we started painting over the dark grey paint with this softer,  lighter putty colour (Benjamin Moore's Baby Fawn) the entire room opened up. It was like we suddenly had light in there again.

You might remember that I was hoping to achieve a relaxed, layered look with lots of organic elements. I knew the biggest change we had to make was to our bedframe. Luckily, I met a talented, local craftsman named Dawson around the same time. Dawson was instrumental in pulling together Rachel and Paul's country house which I showed you here a few weeks ago. When I talked to him about making us a new headboard he told me about these huge reclaimed Douglas Fir barn beams he had in his studio/barn. I fell in love with the idea of having a bedframe made out of them. I sent him a few inspiration images and some dimensions and a few weeks later the bedframe arrived. I was so happy with it that I later asked him to make a small bench for the foot of the bed out of the same wood. (You'll also notice that the Spanish Moss knob from Anthropologie got the nod!)

Rather than pushing the organic motif too far, I chose to throw an old, crusty chandelier into the mix. As you can see from the first shot, our bedroom has an old Victorian fireplace which is quite ornate and elaborate. This 6-arm French chandelier (which I got for a steal!) speaks to the architecture of the room and makes the whole space a little more interesting. (You might even call it my wart or "ugly" piece.) I'd still like to add some scissor arm wall lights to the sides of the bed but I'm waiting to find the right ones. One day, I'd also like to replace that emerald green tile with something a little more subtle but that's a whole other project!

I was also originally thinking of adding some soft, aqua pillows into the mix but then I remembered that I had these ones down in the basement that I made from an old, worn rug. Since my mandate from the beginning was to reuse and recycle whatever I could I thought I should give them a try.  On a quick trip to West Elm, I found a selection of cushions made from repurposed cotton sari's in warm shades of coral, mustard yellow and warm grey that completed the look and sealed the deal.

Finally, I found the round, wooden side table at a vintage store in Orono. It is actually an old cheese box that would have been used to age le fromage! It's the perfect height for the side of the bed and even gives us a bit of extra storage space.

Looking back on all these images, I think I came fairly close to what I was hoping to achieve. I warmed up the overall tone of the room by adding the warm metals - gold, bronze and brass and by adding the coral pillows. I'm sure over the coming weeks I will play around with everything a bit more until I get it just right but for now I'm pretty satisfied!


cast your vote: bed hardware

I spent most of this weekend with a brush in one hand and a paint can in the other. I don't actually mind painting. It's one of those activities like driving long distances or shelling peas that allows your mind to wander. Of course, I spent most of my time wondering about the other small details in our bedroom renovation! One of the things, I have to make my mind about, is what kind of hardware to use on our new headboard. There will be three drawers and each one requires a knob. It's going to look something like this...

My first thought was these horn handles from Ochre.

I've been dying to use these pulls since the first time I lay eyes on them. However, I'm suppose to be doing this project on a budget and these are not budget friendly! (One day, I will find a place for them.)

My next idea was to see what Anthropologie had. I've always been impressed by their eclectic display of knobs and door handles. They did not disappoint. In fact, I'm spoiled for choice! I've narrowed the list down to 8 selections and I'm hoping that you will weigh in to let me know which knob you think will work best. Please cast your vote!

Knob 1 - Melded Poppy Knob in Yellow

Knob 2 - Melded Poppy Knob in White

I love the juxtaposition between the glossy centre of this knob and the rough perimeter. I also think it's uneven, organic shape would work well with the reclaimed wood headboard. The yellow might provide a nice hit of colour or I could stay with an all-white scheme.

Knob 3 - Black & White Stripe Knob

Knob 4 - Sea Blossom Knob

Both of these knobs are made from natural materials. The Black & White knob is made from horn and bone and the Sea Blossom knob is made of Mother-of-Pearl. One is quite simple while the other is very detailed. I'm a little concerned that the Sea Blossom knob is too delicate and frothy for the reclaimed wood headboard but maybe it needs that touch of femininity.

Knob 5 - Spanish Moss Knob

Knob 6 - Mercury Glass Knob in Silver

I'm curious to see the Spanish Moss pull in person. I have a feeling that it probably doesn't photograph very well. It is also made from bone and is surrounded by brass. The Mercury Glass knob would add a bit of shimmer to the drawers. It comes in a multitude of colours; I've chosen the traditional silver. My one concern is that the shape is too traditional looking.

Knob 7 - Prismatic Spring Pull in Yellow

Knob 8 - Prismatic Spring Pull in Turquoise

These knobs are made out of stoneware and are topped with a crackling pool of glaze. It almost feels like you could dive into them! I think their uneven, organic shape would work well with the reclaimed headboard. The only thing I'm not sure about is the colour? Do I really want to introduce a vibrant shade into this room or should I stick with a neutral palette?

As you can see, I really am stuck on this one. Please let me know what you would do. And in case you're wondering, all of these knobs fall between $6.00-$10.00 range which is pretty reasonable, don't you think?

All images from Anthropologie except Ochre handles.



bedroom update

This weekend the bedroom project swung into high gear. There's nothing like committing to something and following through even when that voice inside your head keeps telling you your crazy! My goal was to buy the paint, order the curtains, design the new headboard and actually start painting. I got all accomplished but the latter.

Of course, the hardest thing was choosing the paint colour. After much deliberation, I chose the Benjamin Moore shade, Pashmina from my initial selection of four. However, I wondered if I could do "better". I admit it, I'm a sucker for those endless colour decks with the billions and billions of choices.

This is where I ended up. Honestly, the differences between these shades is so minute that I started eliminating paint colours based solely on their name. I decided that Tapestry Beige and Hazy Skies were monikers I couldn't live with. The Farrow and Ball was ruled out based on its higher price tag which left me with three. In the car, on the way to the paint store I settled on Natural Cream, however once I was inside I had changed my mind to Edgecomb Gray and then in a final moment of indecision I decided on Baby Fawn. I hope I made the right choice! (In this photo, it's looking a little pink but I hope that's just the fact that it is in the shade).

The ordering of the curtains went much easier. I settled on a lightweight, natural colored linen with a nine inch hem to give it a more custom look.

My final task was deciding upon a design for the reclaimed wood headboard. I had sketched out a few ideas earlier in the week but had come to no real decisions. Then on Friday night, as I curled into bed with the latest catalogue from Anthropologie (embarrassing to admit I know...but it was Friday night and Jonathan Franzen's Freedom was just too heavy to pick up) I saw it - the design for our headboard.

Can you imagine something this with a bed in front of it? I think it is going to work. Obviously, I will have to make a few modifications (I'll probably eliminate the gap in the middle, for one) but I love the idea of having a deep shelf above the bed to put lights and books on. I'm also going to design the bed as two separate pieces (headboard and bed frame) so that if we ever want to use the headboard as a credenza or sideboard we can. A friend of mine, put me in touch with a local furniture maker who is going to make this for me out of reclaimed Ontario barn boards.

So this is where we are at...

It always get uglier before it gets prettier. If anybody would like to purchase a pale yellow, Ikea four poster bed frame contact me here. I'll see what we can do.

Finally, I just wanted to start this week by saying that I've been the lucky recipient of two unexpected deliveries lately. The first came from Abbey over at Aesthetic Outburst. When she read my post about Julianne Moore's brownstone she asked if I had a copy of  Ingrid Abramovitch's book, Restoring a House in the City. When she found out I didn't, she promptly put one in the mail for me. Then last night, a dear friend popped over unexpectedly with a copy of the latest issue of Anthology Magazine for me. She said when she saw it she thought of me and knew I would appreciate a copy.

These sweet gestures have really touched me and got me thinking how doing one small, unexpected thing for someone else (even someone you don't really know!) can really brighten their day. So my goal this week is to pass that kindness along and extend a little unexpected happiness into some other people's lives.

Image Credits:
Anthropologie catalogue