brooke's table settings

Well, here we are at the start of a new week and a new month. As I mentioned on Friday, I am back home in Toronto and getting back into the swing of things. Tomorrow, I'll have my first post for you on my trip to France, a little overview of some of the highlights of my trip. In the days to come, I'll have some posts on the markets I visited, a house or should I say chateau tour and some design lessons I learned from a castle built in the 15th century. You'll be surprised by how on trend it is! But first, let's welcome Brooke from the blog Pure and Noble. She is doing the last guest post for me today.

I think once you see Brooke's post below you will agree with me that her dining room is quite amazing. She's looking for ideas for her table top. Personally, I'd love to see something vintage like a collection of old alarm clocks or a series of glass cloches running down the center. What do you think? Any suggestions for Brooke?

Hello lovely Marion House Book readers! Brooke here of Pure and Noble. I'm beyond delighted to be here today while Emma is away. I fell in love with this blog immediately because of Emma's impeccable design aesthetic. It makes my heart sing. And I must confess, while she has perfected the marriage of modern and rustic, it's something I'm still striving for - especially in my Dining Room.

I can't ever seem to get my tabletop "display" or "decor" right. Recently, Emma posted pics of her new dining room light fixture, and there it was... a simple branch resting atop her dining table. Perfection! Insert drooling here. From over the top table settings to minimalism, here's a look at what a few others are putting on their tables.

Each and every image is so lovely. I just can't seem to find what would work best for my space. What's on your dining room table? Is it a space for meals, working, or just for looks? Thanks so much for having me Emma. Being a guest on your lovely blog is an honor. xo

Image 1 - The Arthur
Image 2 - Pure and Noble
Image 3 - Lonny mag
Image 4 - Living etc
Image 5 - Living etc
Image 6 (source unknown)
Image 7 - Simply Grove
Image 8 - Lonny mag
Image 9 - Emma's design blog