weekend project

My husband thinks I'm crazy. Nothing gets me more excited than buying a new can of paint. What is a chore to him is a world of possibilities to me. My recent love affair with black walls got me thinking that our kitchen could use an update. The kitchen is the one room in our house that is entirely modern which is to say that it has no original features or mouldings. Up until now it has been all white with some hits of orange and green. I've always felt that the kitchen didn't really flow with the rest of the house.

Then one night it came to me....paint one wall black and remove the green elements (three cabinets and two lights). This would bring the black colour through the house from the front door, up the hallway, back to the kitchen. The black also really makes the white elements pop.

In the pictures, the green cabinets are still in place. I haven't had a chance to update them yet. I also have to decide on some new lights. I'm considering a few different types at the moment. I'll keep you updated. Here are the before and afters.