house of mirrors

For awhile now, I've been looking for something to place on the wall above our fireplace. As you might remember, I even contemplated putting the reclaimed wood mirror up there. Nothing seemed to work. My feeling was that a mirror of some kind was the answer but I had no idea what it should look like. Whenever I get stuck like this the first thing I do is turn to the piles of design magazines and books I have collected. It's amazing what happens when you intensely focus on a single item. Things that on first glance you might have missed suddenly come into focus. Take this mirror for instance...

I immediately fell in love with its simple gold frame and vintage glass with that black line cutting through the middle of it.

The room belongs to former Domino editor in chief Deborah Needleman and was featured in the book Domino - The Book of Decorating. What do you know, 24 pages later in the same book I come across this photograph...

I think to myself, wow I really like this mirror as well but wait a second...that black line looks eerily familiar!

On close inspection, it is hard to say whether or not this is the same mirror. If it's not, they are strangely alike and I would love to know where you can buy one! This room belongs to model Haylynn Cohen and was decorated by David Lawrence. My suspicion that it is actually the same mirror only increased when I saw this photo of Deborah Needleman's home with a different mirror over the fireplace leading me to believe that this mirror had been propped in for the photoshoot.  All of this goes to show the finding a good mirror is not easy and that even those in the know sometimes borrow.

Which brings me back to my own mirror story. As I mentioned on Friday, I had a photo shoot here last week for a magazine which has forced me to get a few things done around the house. One of the things on my list was to find a mirror, ideally like the one above. Of course, when you really need something you can't find it anywhere. Sure I found round ones and short ones and skinny ones and starburst ones and expensive ones but none that was quite right until a friend mentioned she had seen one at a thrift store in our neighbourhood. I took a little walk and peered into the window of the store. There it was, it looked tall and was a lot more ornate than I was hoping for but I thought it might work. My measuring tape told me that it was 65 inches high. I had exactly 65 inches. I left the store without the mirror and came home to ruminate about it. That night I found myself again looking through endless photographs of mirrors when I saw this (you might remember it from The Friday Files post from a few weeks ago.)

A large, very ornate gold mirror over a white fireplace in a room filled with modern and mid century furniture. It was enough to convince that the mirror could work.

And here it is. What do you think? Does it work?

Image Credits:
1-4 - TMHB photographs of Domino: The Book of Decorating.
5 - Magnus Marding
6 - Kristin Sjaarda