cast your vote: sarah's area rugs

My good friend Sarah (she's the mastermind behind the urban flower farm phenomenon, My Luscious Backyard, that I blogged about here) emailed me the other day asking for my opinion on some rugs for her main floor. I looked at her selections and had a hard time choosing my favourite. I emailed her back saying I liked them all and was sorry I couldn't be of more help when I suddenly thought, this would be perfect for my Cast Your Vote series! Sarah and Jesse live in an amazing house that might look a little familiar. It actually use to belong to us! A few years ago, we found ourselves looking for houses at the same time and a strange series of occurrences resulted in them buying our former home. I couldn't be happier. We now live a few blocks from each other and I get to visit my old house on a weekly basis.

Their main floor is one large, open concept space that needs two rugs to help define the zones. The first one would go here (note the large, blue painting, robin egg's blue chair, colourful throw pillows and grey sofa):

And the second one would go over here:

She is looking for budget-friendly carpets made from natural fibres and wants to avoid anything in the red or orange colour spectrum.

I know you have an opinion so please cast your vote and let Sarah know what you would choose. If you have any other suggestions, please post those as well!

Carpet Combo #1 - On the left is DwellStudio's Gate Rug ($350) and on the right is Anthropologie's Spun Stripes Rug ($398). I think this combination works well together and would pick up some of the blue accents she has going on in the room.

Carpet Combo #2 - On the left is Flor's Shaggy Sheep carpet tiles ($9.66 per square foot) and on the right is West Elm's Pebble Circle Rug ($499). This neutral combination would work well with their floors and the sofas. The Flor Shaggy Sheep carpet tiles could be configured in any shape or dimension which would give them lots of flexibility. They can also be easily cleaned which is a plus when you have small children around!

Carpet Combo #3 - On the left is Anthropologie's From-the-Grey Rug ($348) and on the right is West Elm's Bello Shag Rug ($399). I love the oval shape and crewel-work like pattern of the Anthropologie rug. While it has a bit of orange in it, I think overall the rug would look great and nicely compliment the blue tones in the room. The Bello Shag adds texture and interest without adding a competing pattern.

Carpet Combo #4 - On the left is DwellStudio's Draper Stripe ($200!) and on the right is Flor's Corrugated Rib carpet tiles ($5.57 per square foot). Again, a more neutral approach but with the graphic punch of stripes. The ribbing in the carpet tiles echoes the stripey theme.

Carpet Combo #5 - On the left is Anthropologie's Dream Menagerie rug ($298) and on the right is Flor's Feelin Groovy carpet tiles ($4.46 per square foot). I thought this colourful, playful rug from Anthropologie would be a fun addition to the area with the toys. The bright colours in the carpet would also work well with the bright throw pillows. The solid colour of the green carpet tiles compliments the animal rug nicely without competing with it.

Carpet Combo #6 - On the left is Anthropologie's Vernal Cusp Rug ($398) and on the right is West Elm's Atlas Rug ($299). Again, I thought this colour combination and pattern would work well in their home bringing out the blues and greens. And shouldn't a urban gardener have a carpet full of flowers!

What's your favorite combo? I still can't choose but if pressed would probably go for #1 or #3 (or maybe #6). Or maybe you have a different combo in mind. Please cast your vote and help Sarah decide!