office table update

This is my Ikea office desk. I've had it for about 10 years and it has lasted me through two homes. It's made of pressed fiberboard and has a white melamine coating. It has been a practical and efficient desk but its time has come HouseandHome-Office-EmmaReddington-SIP-Fall11

It's long, narrow shape has made it the perfect work space in my tiny office. However if you look closely you might notice that it has a slight bend in the middle.  It also is quite scratched up. My dream has always been to have a desk that stretches the entire length of the room with adequate storage underneath. I always thought I was going to have to get something custom made until I see these photographs from prop stylist and store owner Hilary Robertson.



This could be my doppelganger office - black chalkboard walls, old wood floor, low side window, narrow room. I love it! And take a look at that desk. It looks like it has been constructed out of an old table base (I imagine there is another one at the other end) and a wood plank top. Easy and beautiful!

hilary_robertsondesk2Here's another look. I think I could make this! All I have to do is find two table bases and a wood top. I'm thinking I could even use some Ikea Numerar oak butcher block so the table is sturdy and even. What do you think?

hilary_robertson3Of course, while I was looking through Hilary Robertson's site I also found this image. I never thought of putting my desk sideways and building storage up the wall. If I did this I think I would have to lose my metro shelving on the opposite wall but those file folders could be relocated on to the shelving wall and I would gain a bit more room on that side.

If it was your office what would you do? One long desk or this L shaped solution with vertical storage?

Photo Credits:
1 - Per Kristiansen
2-5 - Hilary Robertson