nursery is ready!

I think this might be the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The nursery is updated and ready - all we need now is the baby! You might remember that I wanted to freshen up the nursery without exerting a lot of energy or money. My goal was to soften the room and make it a soothing, calming place for both me and my newborn. I think I achieved that! {Here's the before photo for reference.)

The most dramatic change I made to the nursery was the purchase of this new striped cotton kilim by Dash & Albert. It's soft underfoot and on the eyes. I also opted for some warm grey curtains in heavy linen to replace the thin, cotton drapes I had there before. I made up the crib in simple white linens from Virginia Johnson and Pottery Barn. {And yes, I am well aware that bumper pads are not recommended for newborns! No worries they will be coming down before any baby sleeps in that crib. I just wanted to get an idea of what they would look like.}

As a treat to myself, I purchased a woven rattan pouf from Serena & Lily. I'm looking forward to having somewhere to put my feet up when I'm breastfeeding in the rocking chair.

On the wall opposite the crib I removed the Ikea Lack shelf that never hung straight and replaced it with this Inke Heiland wallpaper elephant. You'll notice that our white oak credenza works quite well in this room which is a good thing as this is the only wall in the rest of the house it fits along!

Most of the small details in the room like these sweet booties and soft animals have come from generous friends and family. Decorating with baby items is inherently easy because these pieces are in and of themselves delicate and lovely.

Finally, all of Henry's plaid, blue button-up shirts have been replaced with cream and white dresses for now. I certainly hope the ultrasound technician got it right when she told me I was having a girl!

Okay, baby we're ready for you now - come on out and meet the world!


soothing nursery moodboard

As I mentioned yesterday, my goal is to update the nursery without exerting a lot of energy (I don't have much to give at this point!) and without spending an exorbitant amount of money. I'd also like to soften the space up a bit and make it more soothing and calming for a new baby. I've allowed myself to modify the following items: curtains, rug, bed linens, wall art, and accessories. I'm hoping these small changes will have a big impact on the space. Here's the moodboard I've created to help me get there.


1. Linen Curtains - These are from Restoration Hardware but I'll probably do custom made ones. They'll actually be less expensive than these ready-mades.

2. Lillian Crib Sheeting and Pillows - I picked up the crib sheet  from this line when I returned one of the Duvet covers that I didn't end up using for Henry's room at Pottery Barn Kids. I like the quilted sham as well.

3. Dash and Albert Yacht Stripe Woven Rug - This will be the most expensive addition to the room ($284 for a 6 x 9 rug) but I also think it will have the most impact.

4.Wooden Elephant Toys - She's going to need a few new toys of her own and I love this dark grey elephant!

5. Sheepskin - I admit that these are one of my go-to items for immediately changing a room. They add a lovely, soft texture and are perfect for babies to lie on. Plus, I already own an extra one!

6. Booties, shoes, dresses and hats - Baby clothes are so adorable they can easily double as room decoration. I'll probably put a few of the really gorgeous items people have already passed along to me out on display.

7. Baskets - For dirty laundry and anything else you don't want to look at. I love that this one has a lid.

8. Serena & Lily Sumba Stool - I remember when I was breast feeding Henry that it was nice to have something to put your feet up on while you were in the rocking chair. I think this woven grass stool would work nicely.

9. Inke Heiland Wallpaper Elephant - This will probably be my solution to the large holes that will be left in the wall once I remove the Ikea Lack shelf. And yes, I guess I have a bit of an elephant theme going on!

Do you think these changes will be enough to soften the room? Anything else you think might work? I'm hoping to finish off this room by next week!



updating the nursery

Some of you have been wondering what I'm going to do to update the nursery. The truth is not much! I have neither the time, patience, money or heart to change something that doesn't really need fixing. (How terribly wasteful that would be!) However, the designer in me would love to make a few small changes to the room to make it a little softer and more soothing for a new baby. I think with a couple minor variations I could make a big difference in the room. Let's start with what is staying.

Obviously, I'm not changing anything that requires a lot of labour (removing wallpaper, repainting walls) or money (the furniture). What I am willing to update is the rug (this one is currently in Henry's new room), the curtains (these are inexpensive window coverings from Ikea that don't block the light), and the bed linens.

The other big change will come on the other side of the room where we have moved the credenza from our former dining room. Installed above the credenza is an Ikea Lack shelf that has never hung perpendicularly (I blame our not so flush plaster walls). It's been a pet peeve of mine ever since it went up! I can't wait to take it down and hang something else in its place.

I'll be back tomorrow with my ideas of how to update the space quickly and inexpensively!

Image credit:
Per Kristiansen



henry's new room - inspiration

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we are still a little ways off from starting Henry's new room but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. First off, I refuse to call this space, Henry's Big Boy Room. There's something about that phrase that really bothers me - it seems better suited to a circus or amusement park. Plus, my goal with this room is to give him something that will last beyond his toddler and elementary years. I'm hoping the design of this room will take him right into college! (Okay, that might be pushing it but you get where I'm going.) {Also, there is a small possibility that Henry will stay in his current room with a few tweaks and we will create a new nursery. It all depends on how the furniture fits and I haven't quite got to the space planning stage of this project yet}

Below are some images and ideas I've been thinking about.

I've been looking for some ways to add some interest to the walls of Henry's room. I'm particularly drawn to the idea of covering one or two walls in either horizontal or vertical wood cladding. This example with the built-in bench and bed is particularly charming and well suited to the architecture of the home.

And here is an example with what looks like rift cut white oak vertical panelling. You can see how easily this kid's room could grow with the child right into their college years.

One of the hardest things to find to date is a twin bedframe that I really like. I'm drawn to this solid wood timber bed frame by Mark Tuckey but wonder if it would be too much wood with the panelled wall.

A better solution (and more affordable) might just be an easy linen bedskirt. I would probably add an upholstered headboard, perhaps slipcovered, in the same fabric to the head of the bed and maybe even add a footboard.

One of the things we definitely need to address is the fact that there is no closet in the room. I think we could rig something up from Ikea to look like the photo on the left but I also like how multifunctional the chalkboard wall, storage bins, shelves, and hooks are on the right. Of course, there is the concern that Henry might end up at school everyday with chalk all over his clothes!

If my husband has his way we will also be adding a climbing wall to his room. I'm not so sure...

Finally, if by chance this new room actually becomes the nursery for our little girl I might go in the direction above. It's not typically my style but there is something about that green wallpaper, the simple red striped fabric and of course that fabulous retro yellow chandelier that I love. Again, I think it's a room a baby could grow into and would look good for years to come.

What do you think? Would you go with the wood panelled boys room or the more whimsical and homespun girls room?

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