the friday files

I've read a couple of posts this week that I can certainly identify with. The first was over at Joslyn Taylor's blog Simple Lovely. She brought to my attention the beautifully shot Todd Selby film for Zara featuring Lucy Chadwick. I was struck by her comments (inspired by Lucy's words) at the end of the post about skimming across the surface of everything and needing to set aside the time to concentrate. Later in the week, I read Paula's post over on Two Ellie about feeling like she has been treading water for the last month.  (Interesting, no...that both reference water?) I've been feeling the need lately to just slow everything down and get off the boat, so to speak. I know that's not going to happen as we head into the excitement and revelry of December but I can see a small window opening around the beginning of January. I've come to really love those first, often cold weeks of the New Year when everything seems a bit calmer and the roar has been quieted down to a hush.

I did manage to make it around to quite a few blogs this week (something I've been sadly missing) and I was stuck by the simple but thoughtful list Wakako made over at Baum-Kuchen. It's worth a read as we head into another busy weekend. These photos from model Anouck Lepere's home seemed like the perfect accompaniment to this post. Enjoy!

Image Credits:
Estelle Hanania via Nowness