living room

There are so many things I love about my old Victorian house; the original wood doors, the detailed mouldings, the cast iron clawfoot tub, and the soaring ceilings to name a few. But there are two things that I would gladly exchange. One is the paltry closets (we can't even hang a hanger properly) and the other is our long, narrow rooms. Our living room only measures ten and a half feet across and a foot of that is taken up by the fireplace. It certainly makes furniture placement difficult. What that means is that I am constantly moving things around trying to find the best combination. Recently, I added a couple of floor pillows into the mix. I found this beautiful, worn rug at Legacy Vintage Building Materials, an architectural salvage store in Cobourg, Ontario. Originally, I thought I would use it on the floor but when it proved too small I took it down to the upholsterers and had it made into pillows.

I love the fact that they give us extra seating plus Harry loves jumping on them. The following image I pulled from a magazine awhile ago. It's been a huge inspiration for our living room.

Sophie Munro

Here are a few more pics of the pillows and the rest of our living room.