the friday files

I thought I would focus this Friday Files post on Noguchi paper lanterns. They're occupying a spot in my imagination at the moment and I'm just trying to figure out the perfect spot to use one. For awhile, these paper lanterns or should I say reproductions of these lights were ubiquitous. You couldn't walk into a student apartment or first-time home without seeing one if not two or more of these lightweight shades. And why not, they're affordable, easy to install and make a big impact on a room! Lately, I've seen fewer and fewer of them cropping up and that might be in part to Ikea no longer carrying their version. And while the reproductions of these lanterns are very affordable (we're talking under $20 in most cases) purchasing an original Noguchi light sculpture is not unreasonable. The round and elliptical ones start at around $130 and go up from there.

Take a look at some of the rooms below and tell me what you think. I particularly like them paired with an ornamental ceiling medallion and painted ceiling.

Have a great weekend!

Image credits:
1-2 - Magnus Marding - Mats Gustafson's home via The New York Times
 3 - Pinterest
4-5 - Thibault Jeanson - Julianne Moores former house via Remodelista
 6 - Mei-Chun Jau - Josyln Taylor's house via Simple Lovely 
7 - McGill Design Group via Remodelista