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Two years ago, when we were renovating our kitchen I seriously considered using a patterned encaustic cement tile. I had fallen in love with this kitchen and thought I would try to replicate the look. I love everything about this room. The simple black and white colour scheme, the industrial light fixtures and cabinets, the graphic artwork, the mismatched chairs and of course the captivating wall and floor tile. Francois Halard

I even went as far as calling Mosaic House in New York to find out how much a shipment of these tiles would cost to Canada. In the end, it was just too much and my dream of having cement tiles was over.

Since then, I have seen more and more examples of encaustic cement tiles popping up. You often see them in kitchens where they add texture and depth to an otherwise modern and clean lined space.

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I also love them used in entry ways. Actually, tessellated tile floors were quite commonly used in Victorian era homes so they would not be out of place in The Marion House. Since our kitchen renovation, I have even sourced a supplier of vintage cement tiles that I could use. I keep the company's information close to my chest as they only have a limited supply! Maybe when we redo the original hardwood floors (which are sadly on their last legs) I will put in a tiled entryway.

I love the splash of colour the patterned tiles give to these all white spaces below.

Domino Magazine via Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

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