winter white moodboard

While I live in a somewhat colourful interior I could happily exist in the purity of all white. White floors, white walls, white furniture, white kitchen, white bathroom - it all works for me. Of course, it would have to be tempered with some warm, rustic wood and lots of texture. december moodboard-1

Something like this would be perfect. It reminds me of a forest walk on a snowy day - quiet, peaceful and enchanting. To see more of this moodboard and how you could translate this look into a kitchen check out my post over on HGTV.

Could you live in a winter white interior?

a creative space

Is anyone else out there pining for a mini-vacation? A break from all this snow? I know I am. And while I would love to take off to somewhere warm and summery it's just not in the cards at the moment. Instead, I'm making do with small jaunts away that just shake up the routine a bit. Last weekend, Kristin (my Hello! Neighbor photographer and friend) and I left behind our collective four boys with our two husbands and headed east to a small town in Ontario called Orono. We have a mutual friend who moved up there a few months ago who has been renovating an old house. Rachel, is a super talented women who has an eye for detail and as a result has a very specific look. In fact, her downtown Toronto home was the second house I profiled for Hello! Neighbor before Kristin even started shooting for me. In a few weeks, I'll give you a tour of Rachel's new house (it is going to knock your socks off!) but today I thought I would you show you a few snapshots from her design studio where she creates amazing illustrations and graphics.

Rachel is a consummate collector. Every time, I visit her home I'm in awe of the things she has gathered around her. It's a feast for the eyes! Her studio is no exception and is packed floor to ceiling with fabric, ribbon, crafting supplies, magazines, books and interesting collections.

Wouldn't you just love to have a space like this where you could create and make things? Imagine all the things you could get up too!

I also spotted this teacup in another part of  her house that she made last year for her twin's 3rd birthday party. It was the topper for their cake. How's that for impressive? I bet the other moms in Orono dread seeing her at the local bake sale!

Lucky for us, Rachel has a blog where she lets us in on some of her design secrets and crafty solutions. Oh and did I mention she has a way with words. She does! She'll have you laughing out loud at work - no joke.

A visit to Rachel's is the next best thing to an island escape!