winter getaway

With spring on its way, I thought I would try and throw in one last ode to winter. I’m not kidding when I tell you that winter is my favorite season. While summer has swims in the lake and spring has burgeoning blossoms and fall has those cool nights that require a sweater nothing compares to the first snowfall when the world is thrown into a glittering white stillness. There is something about snow-covered trees, icicles, layers and layers of clothing, and hot chocolate that makes my heart skip a beat. Give me a pair of skis and a mountain and I am even happier. Sometimes I fantasize about what my ideal winter getaway would look like...

Rustic and buried in snow on the outside. Living Etc.

Warm and cozy on the inside. William Abranowicz

With a big fireplace like this one in the center of the room. Living Etc.

or off to the side like in this room. Meyer Davis Studio

Some vintage Scandinavian style like Aalto's Villa Mairea would be nice. Via Ouno Design

Along with a dining table big enough to feed friends and family. William Abranowicz

A simple bedroom with stunning floor to ceiling windows Wish

would be nice to wake up to. Living Etc.

And of course, a sauna to end every day. Wingardh Architects