the friday files (circa 2003)

Before I get to this week's Friday Files which actually refers back to the post I did yesterday I just want to take a few minutes to talk know...what the whole blogging community is talking about - the New York Times article. I'm not going to rehash it all here because much has already been written about it but I have to say that I do like a little controversy. I think it's really good for our community to turn a critical eye on itself. While the tone of the New York Times article left much to be desired some valid points were raised. I'm personally not a fan of the online magazine format. I've tried and tried to read them but the software just does not allow for an easy user experience. Maybe I'm in the minority but I actually like to read the article that accompanies the photographs and that is practically impossible with all the zooming in and out. I've also never quite understood why online content producers feel they need to replicate the magazine experience . Shouldn't this new medium allow for an even richer and more engrossing product?

To date, I think of online magazines as being less impressive versions of traditional magazines when they should be blowing them out of the water. Actually, I don't know if even that is right. What they should be doing is offering something totally different, something that makes use of all the things that computers can do that print can't. My issue is not so much with the content (although honestly I don't want to see 60 photos of the same house) but with the vehicle. I do think that the ipad has the potential to change all of this. By the way, if you're looking for a Canadian perspective on the online shelter magazine explosion you should read this article.

As I promised yesterday, I dug deep into my own archives to find the photograph of the Senufo stool I was referring to. It comes from the March/April 2003 issue of Metropolitan Home. (I know, I shouldn't still be holding on to magazines from this time period but look, it came in handy!) The home belongs to editor Linda O'Keeffe and is lesson in refinement. This is a truly well edited home with nothing extraneous.

Have a great weekend!

Image credits:
Antoine Bootz
(I apologize for the photo quality but I could only find one picture online!)