top of the heap - living rooms

Summer, glorious summer. Aren't you happy it's here? This is the time of year to be outside with friends and family which is why throughout the next couple of months I'm going to dig into my own archives to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the heap.

I thought I would start with a look back at some of the best living rooms from my Hello! Neighbor posts. Sometimes, it's nice to compare apples to apples. You see things you might not have noticed the first time around.

Enjoy! (and then get outside!)

The home of Per and Elana with its white painted floors and gallery wall is one of my all time favorites.

Jenny Francis' home attracted a lot of attention with its exposed wood beam ceiling which creates a loft-like feeling in this Victorian house.

Hands down, Jenn's living room is the one I would want to settle down in with a good book it's effortlessly relaxed and stylish.

Rachel and Paul's city home (now sold) was a riot of colour and pattern. I wonder if the pink ceiling still exists? I know the new owners...maybe time for a visit.

Here's Rachel and Paul's new home in the country this time with a blue ceiling. Readers absolutely loved this rural escape.

Abi and John's home complete with clawfoot tub in the kitchen and stunning floor to ceiling windows was another one of my absolute favorites.

Finn and Marilyn's airy loft (now sold) became too small for them with the arrival of Maeve. Perhaps, we'll have to drop in on their new place!

Finally, Lorne and Yasmin's living room was the very first Hello! Neighbor tour I ever did. I love that large mirror on the back wall and the view it provides of the rest of the room.

Image Credits:
Images 1-3 and 5-7 - Kristin Sjaarda
Image 4 - Myles McCutcheon
Image 8 - Lorne Bridgman