the friday files

I have to admit this week was full of a few bumps and bruises. I did something to my front tooth (not sure what) that has it throbbing constantly. What is it about tooth pain that makes it reverberate through your whole body? Also, this morning Henry tripped and fell right on the corner of our bedroom dresser. He is now sporting a lovely blue bandaid to hide the damage. Poor thing! I'm hoping next week will be better. I have a brand new Hello! Neighbor post ready for you that I think you are going to love. I'm also going to need your help choosing a dining room table and chairs for one of my readers. So get ready to cast your vote. Finally, I just finished up a guest post for the new tv show Design DNA that you can check out here. Have you seen this show yet? Each episode they look at the history and process behind making some of the most iconic design products of the last couple of centuries. My post is on my beloved Le Creuset Dutch ovens and casserole dishes.

To send you off here are a few images from New York design firm Roman and Williams. Their style is impeccable and something I aspire to. It makes me want to paint all my window and door frames black this weekend!

Image Credits:
1&2) Michael Mundy
3&4) Don Freeman
5) Michael Mundy
6) Unknown
All images via Defgrip.