the friday files

Do you ever think of just packing everything up and moving to a different country? I think if I had my choice I would move to Spain or maybe Italy. Their way of life just seems so agreeable. On the one hand it wouldn't be that hard, I do have an EU passport that allows me to work anywhere in the European Union but I can't speak Spanish or Italian to save my life. Recently, I've been catching up on Jordan Ferney's blog posts about moving her family to Paris, France. Like many of us she had a dream to live in another country and this year she made that a reality. When I read about her schedule (she and her husband still work American hours meaning from 6pm-1am France time) I was even more enamored of her lifestyle. It's really inspiring to read about two people making it work and her photos of her life in Paris are just as you imagine it would be.

Of course, it's often images like the ones below that have me hankering to move to Europe. All of these interiors are by Spanish designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan. I am absolutely in love with everything he and his firm Contemporain do. His knack for layering objects and styles is simply sublime.  And once again, I'm kicking myself for not going with the encaustic black and white tiles in our kitchen - see the first image.

Where would you move if you had the choice?


All images/design from Lazaro Rosa-Violin.