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You know how some people just have it. Well, Joslyn from Simple Lovely is one of those people. She has an impeccable eye is able to extract from all this ephemera swirling around us the most beautiful and compelling things. She's a person I keep close tabs on because I know whatever she writes about is bound to be interesting.

Lucky for us she has decided to fill us in on a few of her favorite things. Her choices are timeless and enduring. It's a list I wouldn't mind calling my own. Enjoy!

I’m a huge fan of Emma’s taste and aesthetic sensibility, not to mention her immense talent, so it’s an honor to be here as a guest on her fantastic blog!

I love a good dose of creative voyeurism and am endlessly interested in what inspires other people…To that end, for the past couple of years, I’ve run a weekly feature on my blog, Simple Lovely, highlighting some of the things that inspire and delight other bloggers. (Emma kindly contributed an excellent list for me several months ago.) And every once in a while, just for fun, I take a stab at coming up with a list of my own. It’s not an easy enterprise, this narrowing down a few favorites out of the proliferation of gorgeous, interesting, genius things floating around on the interwebs (not to mention in museums and galleries and on the street, etc...) But I gave it my best shot and thought it appropriate (a little blogging quid pro quo if you will) to share what I came up with here with you guys.

Thanks so much for having me Emma!

Artful Rooms

My dream space is light-filled, a little masculine and, well…for lack of a better adjective, artful. This room from the September Real Simple is one that I’d move right in to…and I’m guessing it would still look just as beautiful and relevant 20 years from now.

“Easy” Dressing

Despite really loving fashion, I’m on this sort of eternal quest to have a closet containing just a scant handful of highly wearable pieces… ideally only things that I love and wear the heck out of. (French women have mastered this type of dressing.) I think honing in on perfect basics is the starting point for this sartorial quest, so my fall shopping strategy is all about sturdy bags, simple slim black pants and thin, slouchy tops that can be dressed up or down. A top like this one from the Gap feels really spot-on to me right now.

Laura Lombardi Necklaces

I am a huge (huge) necklace fan. I have loads of perfectly lovely ones, yet I always somehow manage to find another one that I “can’t live without”. Plus, I’d argue that a good necklace is a nice foil for all those aforementioned basics I’m planning to stock my closet with. Laura Lombardi is making some of the most gorgeous, interesting jewelry right now, with a good selection of both “everyday” (I wear her “Poule Noire” necklace several times a week) and statement pieces (I’m seriously coveting her “Masonry” necklace).

Luc Tuymans

My seven-year old daughter Audrey and I recently went to a fantastically comprehensive Tuymans exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, and we were smitten. I honestly think she liked the show as much as I did, which was thrilling in its own right. I love Tuymans’ work, the color palette he gravitates toward and his philosophy about how we will view (and collect) art in the current economy,

“The financial crisis will trigger a more content-driven way of dealing with art. The crap will detach itself from something that is really far more interesting, because people will think twice before they buy. And so I think the level will be heightened. You will have less money but more culture.”

-Artist Luc Tuymans, in an interview with J.S. Marcus for The Wall Street Journal

Debbie Carlos

Debbie Carlos’ photography is gorgeous, dreamy and wholly unique. We have a couple of her prints hanging in our house, but her large bunny print (it’s really big) has caused a bit of a sisterly kerfuffle of late. It hung for months in our younger daughter Millie’s room, but during a recent “room swap”, our older daughter Audrey acquired it, causing major consternation. The girls happily parted with numerous toys, books and tchotchkes, but they were clinging for dear life to the Debbie Carlos bunny poster. What can I say, they have good taste.

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