jane's dark days

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Jane Flanagan's blog Ill Seen, Ill Said. It's a witty, intelligent, beautiful looking site that offers something a little different from your usual design/fashion/lifestyle blog. I'm particularly fond of her Inspiring Women posts which highlight women (both living and dead) that have made a difference. One quick look at these posts and you realize what a wealth of knowledge, creativity and service these women have given to our community. Definitely worth spending some time with! Now, here's Jane..... Jane here from Ill Seen, Ill Said. I was so happy when Emma asked me to guest post and she gave me a blank slate, which is always liberating! Considering Emma is such a beautiful proponent of juxtaposed dark hues, I decided this is the perfect opportunity to indulge my dark side...

As the temperatures drop, I find myself drawn to things that spell cozy comfort, everything enveloping and rich. Some people compensate for shorter days with clean white interiors, designed to amplify the light. Me, I prefer to embrace the dark.

These rooms whisper intimate secrets and promise a safe place when the weather is doing its worst. They're a place for epic tomes and socked feet, drowsy snuggles and steaming bowls of soup and plates of comfort food.

I like to dig deep into each season and eek out its unique beauty. There's so much more joy to the year when you move with the seasons instead of fighting with them. So, for the dark days ahead, I'll be looking at rooms like these for inspiration and solace.

All images taken from my Tumblr ,originally sourced as follows:

First set:
1. By Jan Luijk via By Geisslein
2. By Graham Atkins Hughes , via Desire to Inspire
3. By Simon Watson via Katy Elliott
Second set:
1. By Mikkel Vange via Cafe Cartolina
2. By William Waldron via Four Walls and a Roof
3. From Apartment Therapy
Third set:
1. By Martyn Thompson via Moodboard
2. By Barbara Davis via Remodelista
3. From the Toast autumn catalog