hello! neighbor on the ipad

How many of you out there own ipads? What's your verdict? I'm curious to hear from those of you that own one how much you use it, what you use it for, and whether or not it is any improvement over having a laptop computer. I've had very little personal interaction with ipads. Other than peering over someone's shoulder as they use one or swiping a few screens in the Apple store my experience is pretty limited.

And how are the apps - particularly the magazine ones? I'll admit that the most impressive thing I have ever seen on an ipad is Martha Stewart's magazine. I seem to remember a peony flower blooming before my eyes on the cover! Are there any other magazines on the ipad that are more impressive than their paper cousins?

Of course, if I did own an ipad I'd be able to see some of my own stories on it. 2 For Couples magazine publishes some of my Hello! Neighbor stories on its website and ipad app.

I just received the latest one in my inbox. Up to now, I've only experienced these stories as still photographs. Maybe, it's time I invest in an ipad so I can see them in action! To see the full story and more photographs, you can purchase the app here.

If you're an ipad owner, I'd love to hear what you think of it!