homework - check-in time

There has been a flurry of design activity around here lately starting with the hallway and more recently with the bedroom. I think it's a perfect time to take a step back and  look at the notes I created a few months ago on my house. We all know how easy it is to get distracted in the design world! I think periodically checking in with your design self is a good way to stay on track and be reminded of the original look you were hoping to achieve. The Hallway

As my note indicates, I was looking for a console table with a rustic, industrial feel, some art and maybe a lamp. Of course, once I found that large, rustic oculus mirror the plan changed a bit however I think I stuck to my overall vision. I still like the idea of maybe adding a lamp to the table.

The Bedroom

Isn't it interesting to take a look back and see what the initial directive was? Before and after photos of my bedroom actually appeared on Apartment Therapy over the weekend and there were quite a few comments that preferred the before photos to the after. Reading these notes again, reminds me that one of my reasons for updating the bedroom was to bring it more in line with the rest of the house. This homework series came about because of a post Michelle over at Holley & Gill wrote about houses with a cohesive look and about committing to a personal design vision. My bedroom was the one room of the house that I felt didn't belong. I think the changes I have made to it bring it more in line with the overall look of the house.

In one part of my homework, I tried to come up with a sentence that defined my style - something I could refer back to when I was out shopping or looking for materials that would keep me grounded. What I came up with was this, "A laid-back and neutral space with organic and historical elements - a touch bohemian yet spare and modern." I think both new spaces fall into this category. The rough, rustic wood in both rooms addresses the organic, laidback part of my style while the kilim rug in the hallway and pillows/bedspread in the bedroom adds that touch of bohemia. At the same time, the architecture of the rooms and the light in the bedroom bring in that historical element while the clean, unadorned lines of the furniture add the spare, modern style. Am I saying the rooms are perfect...no...but I think I stuck to my overall vision. Of course, one of the big reasons for laying out a plan was to avoid falling into design pitfalls! In other words, spending money on things that really don't work in my home. In more than one instance, I found myself in a store with item in hand thinking to myself.. does this work with my design vision? Will it work in my home? More often that not , I put the object down and backed away!

Many people wrote to me after I started these posts and told me they were going to try something similar. In fact, some of you even posted your own evaluations. There's a great one here and another one here. Has anyone else tried stepping back and evaluating their home? Is it working for you? Anything you've learned along the way or conversely are struggling with? I'd love to hear how it's going.

Image Credits:
Hallway image - Kristin Sjaarda
Bedroom image - The Marion House Book