my first issue - chatelaine

The moment has arrived! My first issue as Home Editor of Chatelaine magazine is on the newsstands and it is a big one. Little did I know that my first kick at the can would be for the 85th anniversary issue - talk about jumping in the deep end! chatelaine-3

If I do say so myself it is...gorgeous. We didn't shoot just one cover for the magazine, in fact we didn't shoot just two covers for the magazine. We shot FOUR covers and their reverse sides for a total of EIGHT covers.

chatelaine-4 Since we're celebrating we decided that a cake story would be appropriate. It was my job to prop style the cover shoot and my main task was finding cake stands of all shapes and sizes. I hunted high and low. I went to my usual haunts (Hawk Eyes, Mrs. Huizenga's, Rustica) and cleared their shelves and then I went looking for more.

chatelaine-2 I found a new amazing source of beautiful vintage cake pedestals completely by chance. Southern Charm Vintage Rentals in Whitby has an amazing selection of cake stands and all things wedding related. The owner Kathie Hess was a delight to work with. It definitely take a village to produce a magazine and she among others were a huge source of inspiration and help.


Inside the magazine I had the chance to introduce myself including a throw back photo to my youth. I think this photo was taken when I was about 10 years old on a trip to Whistler, BC.

chatelaine-1We also dug into our archives to see what the Home Department had been up to for the past 85 years. (In retrospect, it was a great introduction to the magazine!) The late 60s and early 70s were a treasure trove of inspiring interiors. (The 80s and 90s not so much!)

chatelaine-5 Many of the rooms that appeared in Chatelaine in those decades would look right at home today.However, I'm happy to see the trend of lining your bathroom in carpet and fun fur (one Chatelaine image I found had it on the floor, up the bathtub, on the walls and even on the ceiling - the copy said use double sided tape to apply!!) has gone by the wayside. I'll try and find that image tomorrow and tweet it. You have to see it to believe it!


I hope that you'll pick up the magazine and have a peek. By the way, did you know if you place all four magazines together you will form the whole tablescape of cakes. Give it a try!