home decor 101

For those of you that might not live in Canada or aren't familiar with Chatelaine magazine I thought I would show you a few snapshots from the hot of the presses Home Decor 101 publication that just came out. This is a special issue completely devoted to home design and it is chock full of goodness. photo (1)

All of the images and projects in the magazine are from home tours that Chatelaine has done over the past few years.



IMG_1113Obviously I can lay no claim to the brilliance of this magazine (and I really do think it is amazing). This book is the combined hard work of Virginie Martocq, Julia Black, Malcolm Patterson and all of the other talented designers on the Chatelaine design panel including Sarah Richardson, Tommy Smythe, Kimberley Seldon, Samanatha Pynn and Michael Penney.


IMG_1117I've been pouring over this magazine taking in all the beautiful photographs and inspiring details. Seeing all the homes back to back is super impressive. What a legacy Virginie Martocq (the former Home Editor) leaves behind! She has left me some big boots to fill. If you live in Canada you'll definitely want to pick this magazine up (and I'm not just saying that because I'm the new editor!!) I think the photos above say it all.