tips and tricks for hanging art

A fabulous piece of art can look less than stellar if it is not hung right. We all know the frustration of lining up an artwork so it is just so and then realizing once it is placed on the wall that it is too high. It doesn't take long before your wall is a battleground of discarded holes and pencil marks. So today, I thought I would offer up some tips and tricks for hanging and placing art.

Scale - Think about scale when you’re putting up your artwork. A small work on a large blank wall will get lost. Try it either on a narrower wall or group a selection of dimunitive works together to create a larger vignette. Ideally the art should relate to the size of the wall or the furniture beneath it.

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Hanging Height - As a general rule you should aim to hang all of your artwork somewhere between 52"-55” on center. On center, means that the middle of your artwork, regardless of size, should land at your chosen dimension. One of the major mistakes people make when hanging art is they hang it too high. If you use this measurement as a guide all of your artworks will be at the right height.

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Take a Step Back - It’s almost impossible to hang artwork on your own. You need another person to help you determine the best possible placement for the work. Take your time. You want to strike a balance on the wall that takes into account all of the objects that are in the room including the furniture. This is even more important if you are hanging a group of paintings on one wall. If you can't find a partner to help you out, try making paper cutouts of the work you want to hang and move those about. I do this anytime I am working on a salon-style arrangement with multiple works.

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Lean It - Not all artwork has to be hung. Casually leaning a painting against a wall or using a picture rail can also work.

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Create a Focal Point – Art is a great way to create a focal point in a room especially if the space is lacking any strong architectural features. Imagine how lifeless the rooms below would be without the artwork.

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Tomorrow, I'll be back here with a little story about my first foray into buying art from a gallery. Until then, don't forget to enter the Paperwork gallery giveaway over at this post for your chance to win a $25 gift card good towards the purchase of some art.