Bohemian. That word gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean. I did a little research. (Don't worry I'm not going to give you a history lesson.) In most basic terms it is a wanderer, adventurer or traveller.

It is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle often in the company of like minded people involving musical, artistic, or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Lord Byron was a bohemian. So was Hemingway and the Beat Poets in Tangier. Hippies are bohemians. Talitha Getty was a bohemian. Nicole Richie dresses like a bohemian.

So what is Bohemian style then?

Often it is a combination of textiles, art, and objects collected from around the world mixed with antiques and other vintage pieces. There is a laid back and relaxed spirit about these homes where nothing is too precious. Bohemian style doesn't necessarily mean you are a Bohemian. It is also partly an attitude - an appreciation for travel, friends, and good times.

In recent years a few book have been published that attempt to define and illustrate the bohemian lifestyle. Laren Stover's Bohemian Manifesto: a Field Guide to Living on the Edge breaks bohemians into five categories. Julie Chaplin's new book Gypset chronicles the jet set gypsy clan as they travel the world bartering residences and following the sun.

I decided to throw together a few images of what bohemian style looks like to me. Is this what you think of when you hear the word bohemian?

All images Francois Halard