the friday files

Thank goodness it's Friday! I just wrapped another busy week. We shot an amazing house on Tuesday for October's Hello! Neighbor post and I arranged two more photoshoots for November and December which will take us to a total of 23 houses we have covered in my neighbourhood! Each week, I have a handful of readers who contact me wondering about something in relation to my house. Many people have enquired about the mirror in our front hallway and whether or not I produce them for resale. Unfortunately, that mirror is a one of a kind piece that was made from a reclaimed window frame. However, I'm sure with a bit of sleuthing and ingenuity a similar mirror could be made. I also get quite a few questions about the tree mural in Henry's room. It is produced by a Dutch company called Inke Heiland and is made from vintage wallpaper.

I'm hoping this weekend we finally get all of our summer things stored away for winter and the backyard cleaned up. I'll also be shooting a new moodboard for HGTV which will be interesting. What are your plans for the weekend? I'd love to hear!

I thought these rough plaster walls from Australian stylist Glen Proebstel's portfolio were totally inspiring. I love the texture and warmth they bring to the rooms.