hello neighbor! sheldon & ulrika

Hello everyone...officially, I'm back! My plane landed yesterday evening and I'm slowly sinking back into the rhythm of daily life. I have so many wonderful images and discoveries of France that I can't wait to share with you. But first, we need to wrap up October with a Hello! Neighbour house tour. Then on Monday, I have one final guest post for you from Brooke of Pure and Noble. After that, I'll be back full time with a whole slew of new inspiring ideas and projects. Once again, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the talented women that contributed guest posts while I was gone. You really kept The Marion House humming along! And now for the Hello! Neighbour house tour. Sheldon's an architect and Ulrika is Swedish, need I say more! The result is a clean, white modern space that is punctuated with hits of bright colour and wonderful Scandinavian textiles. I really love this place it has me dreaming of knocking down all my walls, hiring an architect and having a modern space built inside my Victorian shell.



Ulrika and Sheldon Catarino



How long have you lived in your home?

3 years

Any animals, kids?

2 kids

What is your favorite room?

The living room.

What is your favorite object, thing or moment in your home?

The glass wall in front of our stair transformed the space.

What are your future plans for the home?

To convert the ground floor apartment into a living and dining space.

Anything you would change?


Best thing about living in Parkdale?

The people.

What original feature(s) of your home will you never get rid of?

They were all gone when we moved in!

Thanks Sheldon and Ulrika!

All images by Kristin Sjaarda  for The Marion House Book.