summer loving

Well, it was much too nice over the Canada Day long weekend to do anything more than just eat delicious food and work in the garden. I mentioned something about a new house project we're thinking of starting on Friday but I admit we didn't quite get around to it. I have some ideas percolating though! What we did do was try and work on our back deck and front landscaping interrupted with lots of breaks to eat cool, refreshing fruit with mint from our garden. (I have more mint than I know what to do with. Please send recipes for mint if you have some!)

We also finally got around to filling some of our empty container pots up with bedding plants. I love lining our deck with different varieties of plants and flowers. I actually have a whole selection of Ikea ceramic pots that I have refrained from using outdoors because they lacked a drainage hole in the bottom. This weekend, I asked my husband to try drilling a hole in the base of one with our cordless drill. In the past, I was always afraid they would crack or shatter but they were absolutely fine. We tried big pots like this one:

And smaller pots as well. They both worked absolutely fine.

Our alfresco dining season is so short in Canada that I like to make the most of eating outdoors when we can. I hope that some of the prep work we did this weekend will culminate in a perfect evening that looks something like one of these images.

Let's just say, I'm inspired to see what we can turn our backyard into this season. More to come!

Image credits:
1 - 3 The Marion House Book
4 - Grazier Photography via Style Me Pretty
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