michelle's cast your vote

Today readers you're in for a treat! For the first time EVER we're going to get a sneak peek inside Michelle's house of Holley & Gill fame.

She tells me that while many bloggers and readers have asked her in the past she has declined up to now. Lucky me! I'm so happy she chose The Marion House Book for her virgin experience. And to make it even better, she is asking you to help her out with her very own Cast Your Vote question. So, don't let me down, please Cast Your Vote and tell Michelle what you would do! Here's Michelle...

When I first found Emma’s blog a few months back, I immediately identified with her sharp aesthetic and vision and am now lucky enough to have been invited to put together a guest post for her here. I must come clean with you though, as while you are reading this I’ve somewhat enlisted your help, as Emma has in the past, with a decor dilemma of sorts so please bare with me. I had the chance to have brunch and shop at Montreal’s biggest craft fair called Puces Pop on one cloudy October day, with three lovely and inspiring ladies who I respect and adore. Anile, Marie-Eve, Bess and I met in a trendy breakfast spot on the Plateau called The Sparrow. Once well fed, we headed out to the old church basement around the corner for what seemed like a gathering of all the “who’s who” of the Canadian handmade trade. A feast for our eyes indeed.

While there, we met and chatted with so many notable artists and artisans who could not have been any more friendly. Many of them we recognized from seeing their work in magazines or even from profiling them on our blogs. We had almost finished winding our way through all the displays when we landed on this stunner, sat alone and tucked away in a corner. I stopped, as if in an art gallery, admiring it for what felt like quite a some time. The artist’s name was Robert Biesinger and his work was incredible.

I did not purchase it immediately. We went outside to get some air and I knew that if I were to walk away from it, I would certainly regret it. In the end, it did come home with me along with this as well.

Now here is my dilemma, the framing. We had quite a substantial wall space to cover above our sideboard and am now very happy with the proportions of this vignette. I would love to hear your feedback or suggestions on what to use for the framing of it. Black, white, metallic, with or without a mat, there are so many choices but would like to ask you for your advice!

Dear readers, please help Michelle and Cast Your Vote!