open kitchen shelves - an update

You all remember the before, it looked a little something like this; dark green mirrored cabinets (that showed every fingerprint!) surrounded by a glossy white frame. Well, here's a little look at the in-between. This is after the the entire cabinet ripped off the wall crashing to the floor below.  Unbeknownst to us, once we unscrewed all the nuts and bolts the only thing holding the shelves on the wall was a little bit of caulking we used to seal the edges of the white frame. When this gave, there was no way we could stop the heavy weight of the cabinets from hitting the floor.

(I failed to get a true "after" photo because honestly we were all a little shaken. Let's just say, our son was in the room when it happened and it could have been much, much worse. I still shudder at the thought.)

Amazingly, we sustained very little damage to  the drywall even with the shelves ripping off the wall. You can see that there was some tearing to the wall on the far left side but it was nothing a little filler and some paint couldn't fix. I had also planned for this possibility and designed the new shelf to cover the same area that the old one had.

The next step was to repair and paint the wall so it would be ready for the new shelf. I used the same Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint in Black as I used in our office. There is a rich, matte effect to this paint that I absolutely love. It is also not pure black which can often come across as flat and gloomy. Instead, this paint ranges in colour from an inky blue to a dark grey to a sooty black depending on the time of day and angle of the light. I only wish it came in bigger cans!

The other advantage of this paint was that I was able to note in chalk where the studs are in the wall and where I wanted the new cabinet to be placed. I wasn't going to be home for the installation so I wanted to make sure it was clear!

As for the those new shelves...well... what I can tell you is that I chose a wood species that is native to Ontario, that I designed something that didn't have any visual brackets or supports and that I added an unexpected element that didn't appear in any of my inspiration files.  Any guesses?