hey diddle diddle

Last week, we were the lucky recipients of a zip-lock bag full of fresh fiddleheads that our friend Edward Pond had foraged. Mr. Pond and my husband have been known to run up mountains for fun in their spare time (something I still don't understand.) Needless, to say I was happy when Edward dropped by for a training run! BlogTO

Fiddleheads are one of the joys of spring eating along with fresh peas, asparagus, morel mushrooms and ramps. If you happen to be lucky enough to have all of these ingredients on hand you can literally throw them in a pan with some butter, white wine, and cream and have one of the most delicious meals of the season. Unfortunately, my pantry was not quite this full, so I decided to make a simple pasta with bacon, fresh mushrooms, garlic, and cream. Topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese it was delightful. Thank you, Edward!

Check out Mr. Pond's own thoughts on food and eating at his blog here. I also couldn't resist sharing with you some of Edward's beautiful food photography. Makes me want to start baking right now!