the cat and the fiddle

One of the questions I get again and again on my blog is, "what kind of plant is that in your living room?"

Well, since you asked it's a fiddleleaf fig or ficus lyrata. About six years ago, I decided we needed to add some plants to our home and the moment I saw this tree I knew it was the one. I bought the plant and its container exactly as it was displayed in the store. It just seemed like the perfect combination.

Fiddleleaf figs are a great addition to any interior and have quite an impact on a space. Just try and imagine these rooms without the plants in them. How boring would they be?

Design Sponge*

Apartment Therapy

Kerrisdale Design


I wanted this plant so much that I sort of disregarded the fact that it is a tropical plant that requires a lot of sunlight. I learned the hard way when it started dropping leaves like flies. (Our cat peeing in it while we were away on holiday also didn't help!) Truthfully, it has taken me about three years to get this plant back to its former self.

Last year, in the middle of winter I saw some ficus lyrata for sale in our local grocery store for the ridiculously low price of $9.99. I snatched one up and placed it in our south facing master bedroom. While this plant it a bit smaller than its downstairs neighbour it won't be long before it takes on tree-like proportions. I really think they are a great way to add a little life and sculpture to your space.

I guess you could call it my "go to" plant. For tips on keeping your fiddlelead fig alive and well check out this guide to houseplants.