toronto life - table settings

Last week, I mentioned that I wrote a couple of stories for the special City Homes issue of Toronto Life magazine. Today I thought I would show you how the second story I worked on turned out. My challenge was to come up with five different table settings that ranged from formal to rustic to everything in between. Let me tell you, putting table settings together in your head is no easy task! Since I was pulling from a variety of stores and wasn't going to be in the studio on the day of the shoot I had to rely on photos and my intuition to bring it all together. If you've ever been on set with a prop stylist than you know they come armed with tables and tables and tables full of options that they can switch in and out until they achieve the desired look. I, on the other hand, had one shot to make it all work and in most cases never even got to see all the elements together. Luckily for me, prop stylist, Suzanne Campos was brought in to style the shoot and the talented photographic duo of Raina & Wilson were there to capture the shots.