cast your vote: your turn

Maybe I can help you? I have had such fun with my Cast Your Vote series that I am extending the service to you. Are you having a hard time making a choice about furniture, lighting, bedding, or wallpaper for your home? Are you putting off finishing that one room in your house because you can't decide what sofa to buy?

I was amazed when I posted my first Cast Your Vote question about kitchen lights at the number of responses I received. It was great to read everyone's replies and to be given new suggestions. (By the way, I will have an update for you on what decision we made about the kitchen lights shortly.)

So, now it’s your turn. Send me an email with your design dilemma. I think this will work best if you send me a question like this:

“which wallpaper would work best in my bedroom?”

“what stools should I choose for my kitchen island?”

“which mailbox should I choose?”

“what pendant light would look best above my dining room table?”

“what bedding should I choose for my guest room?”

You get the idea.

Please also send along some images or names of products you have been considering. I may even suggest a few things that I think might work. If possible, include an image of the room you have questions about.

You can send your questions to:

Then let my readers help you decide!

Roland Bello