hello! neighbor update

How does that Dickens' line go... "it was the best of times, it was the worse of times" that pretty much summed up my week! The best was two lovely shout-outs to The Marion House Book from publications I have been reading for a long time and greatly admire. The first was on Vitamin Daily and the second was on the blog over at House & Home Magazine. Thanks to both of you for the kind words. You made my week!

The worst was that I was still having problems with my site this week. I really hope those issues are behind me now. The timing couldn't have been worse! Oh well, you have to take all of these things in stride and realize that in the big picture, things like this are small fries.

Today, I thought I would show you a few new photographs from a Hello! Neighbor post I originally showed you back in May, 2010. The home belongs to Kristin Sjaarda and Derek Shapton. Kristin, as many of you know, takes the beautiful photographs for all of my Hello! Neighbor posts. Recently, we had the opportunity to revisit her home and take some new photographs. (Check back in here on Monday to find out more - there are a few hints below!) Kristin and Derek have actually made quite a few changes since we were last there and I thought you would like to see how they have updated their space. You might remember that one of the things Kristin wanted to change was their dining room light fixture - well take a look at what they chose! This light by Canadian design studio Castor uses discarded fluorescent tubes that are lit from within with incandescent lights - absolutely brilliant. What do you think of their choice?

Photographs: Kristin Sjaarda