cast your vote: bed hardware

I spent most of this weekend with a brush in one hand and a paint can in the other. I don't actually mind painting. It's one of those activities like driving long distances or shelling peas that allows your mind to wander. Of course, I spent most of my time wondering about the other small details in our bedroom renovation! One of the things, I have to make my mind about, is what kind of hardware to use on our new headboard. There will be three drawers and each one requires a knob. It's going to look something like this...

My first thought was these horn handles from Ochre.

I've been dying to use these pulls since the first time I lay eyes on them. However, I'm suppose to be doing this project on a budget and these are not budget friendly! (One day, I will find a place for them.)

My next idea was to see what Anthropologie had. I've always been impressed by their eclectic display of knobs and door handles. They did not disappoint. In fact, I'm spoiled for choice! I've narrowed the list down to 8 selections and I'm hoping that you will weigh in to let me know which knob you think will work best. Please cast your vote!

Knob 1 - Melded Poppy Knob in Yellow

Knob 2 - Melded Poppy Knob in White

I love the juxtaposition between the glossy centre of this knob and the rough perimeter. I also think it's uneven, organic shape would work well with the reclaimed wood headboard. The yellow might provide a nice hit of colour or I could stay with an all-white scheme.

Knob 3 - Black & White Stripe Knob

Knob 4 - Sea Blossom Knob

Both of these knobs are made from natural materials. The Black & White knob is made from horn and bone and the Sea Blossom knob is made of Mother-of-Pearl. One is quite simple while the other is very detailed. I'm a little concerned that the Sea Blossom knob is too delicate and frothy for the reclaimed wood headboard but maybe it needs that touch of femininity.

Knob 5 - Spanish Moss Knob

Knob 6 - Mercury Glass Knob in Silver

I'm curious to see the Spanish Moss pull in person. I have a feeling that it probably doesn't photograph very well. It is also made from bone and is surrounded by brass. The Mercury Glass knob would add a bit of shimmer to the drawers. It comes in a multitude of colours; I've chosen the traditional silver. My one concern is that the shape is too traditional looking.

Knob 7 - Prismatic Spring Pull in Yellow

Knob 8 - Prismatic Spring Pull in Turquoise

These knobs are made out of stoneware and are topped with a crackling pool of glaze. It almost feels like you could dive into them! I think their uneven, organic shape would work well with the reclaimed headboard. The only thing I'm not sure about is the colour? Do I really want to introduce a vibrant shade into this room or should I stick with a neutral palette?

As you can see, I really am stuck on this one. Please let me know what you would do. And in case you're wondering, all of these knobs fall between $6.00-$10.00 range which is pretty reasonable, don't you think?

All images from Anthropologie except Ochre handles.