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It’s time again to help out one of my readers with their design dilemma. This time we’re choosing paint colours for a hallway. If there is one question I get asked more than any other it is what colour should I paint my home. Not surprising when you consider the hundreds and hundreds of paint options we are presented with. Talk about overwhelming!

One of the benefits of my job as an exhibit designer is that I get to try out new wall colours on a regular basis in the galleries. Usually, we pick 2-3 colours and then paint them on sample boards before we choose the final colour. I recommend that homeowners do a similar thing. It’s better to spend a little extra money up front than it is to paint your whole house and decide you don’t like the colour. It is important to look at the paint samples in the space and under different lighting conditions as the colour can change dramatically.

My reader, Craig, has a stunning old house with a layout not unlike The Marion House. His question to me was what colour should he paint his hallway walls which reach up three floors. The house has dark stained bamboo floors which were put in by a previous owner but will remain. Craig mentioned that they were thinking of painting the handrail and treads of their stairs black while leaving the risers, stringers and spindles white. This will look great but you may also want to consider leaving the handrail in the natural wood finish and painting everything else out white. Many of the inspiration images have a dark stained handrail with all white stairs, spindles, etc. Here are some images of the hallway.

Now for the fun! Take a look at these inspiration images and please, cast your vote for your favorite. Let Craig know what colour you would choose!

First up, the classic choices.

A simple espresso brown and cream palette is timeless and will work with any other colour selections you may have going on. Canadian House and Home.

Black and white is also a classic choice and looks great with matching black and white photography. Canadian House and Home.

Blue would be a nice compliment to your brown floors. There is a range of choice in terms of shade.

Cool icy blue with decorative moulding would be striking. Homes and Gardens.

Moody blue is dramatic and enveloping. Living Etc.

Smokey blue green is beautiful and would work well in an older home. Farrow and Ball has a great selection of blue greens. Homes and Gardens.

Simple sky blue is so happy and cheerful. Via Blog Tagesanzeiger.

If blue isn't your thing than something in the grey family would also work. Grey is a great neutral that works with many other colour palettes.

This soft grey is beautiful. I like the idea of painting half the wall. A modern twist on the chair rail. Adding a tree is up to you! Via Room Envy.

This chalky grey blue works well with the dark wood as you can see in the photo. Homes and Gardens.

If you're drawn to the idea of all white but afraid it might look unfinished try the lightest shade of warm grey. Homes and Gardens.

Finally, you could always choose to wallpaper your hallway. If doing all three floors is too overwhelming you could wallpaper the main wall and stop it at the top of the first floor.

This great David Hicks wallpaper would work with your house. Canadian House and Home.

Cherry blossom wallpaper with touches of brown and red is beautiful. Canadian House and Home.

A blue chair rail combined with graphic blue wallpaper would be fun. Living Etc.

And if all of this is too much, how about just white walls and a touch of the natural wood!

via Apartment Therapy.

Please, cast your vote and let Craig know what you would do with his hallway.

If you have a design question you need help with send me an email along with some photos. Let Cast Your Vote help you decide!

(Paint deck image via Lost and Found.)