the carroll street woodworkers

Do you remember this beautiful custom made dresser from the Hello! Neighbor tour we did of Mahshad & Hasnain's house a few months ago?Many of you were asking for more information about it and I'm happy to say that this weekend I finally got the chance to meet the talented pair behind this piece of furniture . Rob Day and Jeremy Kehoe are the founders of The Carroll Street Woodworkers a local design studio that is producing some of the most beautiful and innovative products I have seen in awhile. On Saturday, I visited their studio and got to see a preview of some of the pieces they will be debuting at the Interior Design Show this weekend. On the wall behind Rob is a wood block sculpture that is made from all the scraps and off-cuts from their furniture products. In total it took somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1500 pieces of wood to make this sculpture. On the floor, is their new lath coffee table which is made from the discarded lath you find in old houses. These days they tend to get the lath by putting a request for it on craigslist but they have been known to do a little dumpster diving if they see it being thrown away!

The oiled white oak dresser shown above, is one of the new pieces the pair will be debuting at the Interior Design Show, it works on a push button system the likes of which I have never see before. To open a drawer you simply press on the appropriate button in the middle panel and the unit slowly slides out. Brilliant - no need for any hardware!

Also debuting at the show is this push button desk. The three elliptical shapes on the face of the desk pop open to reveal individual compartments in which to store your pencils, pens, and notes. An electrical outlet on the side of the desk keeps electronic cords to a minimum with the wiring running down inside the leg of the desk. Can you imagine having a desktop free of all those pesky wires?

Finally, I couldn't leave without showing you these stunning light fixtures. What a statement they would make in your hallway vestibule or how about over a round dining room table? It is one of a kind pieces like these that really put the magic in an interior.

Thanks Rob and Jeremy for the tour! If you're attending the Interior Design Show in Toronto this weekend I urge you to stop by Studio North and say hello to these guys. You won't be disappointed.

Image Credits:
1) Kristin Sjaarda
2-6) The Marion House Book
7-8) The Carroll Street Woodworkers