giveaway - a custom painting

My challenge this month is to get organized. As you know two of the areas I'm focusing on are my linen closet and my office but I'm also going through all my chest of drawers, storage baskets and bedroom closets. When I do this I am fairly ruthless. If it hasn't been worn in six months it goes in the donating pile, if it's worn out, stained or basically unwearable it gets thrown out or made into cleaning rags. This little exercise which I perform a couple times of year helps keep my clothes purchasing in spec. The truth of the matter is that I just don't have that much space for tons and tons of clothes and as I get older I find my taste in clothing tends to change less frequently meaning I can buy classic items that see me season through season. 01_sweater

Of course this doesn't mean that I don't lust after certain items. In this nonstop online world it's hard not to be seduced by all the things you could buy or have. I'm guilty myself  throwing up a list of five items each week I either want or already own. Part of the reason I do this is because in a way the virtual shopping, the creating of theoretical outfits or rooms satisfies my desire for actually purchasing these items.



In 2012, Sarah Lazarovic, a Toronto based illustrator and filmmaker, undertook a year long shopping diet. Instead of purchasing all the dresses and shirts and shoes her heart desired she painted them instead. She found that after a day or two her need or want of that item had disappeared. Her paintings have struck a chord with people and in 2014 Viking will publish her book about not shopping called, A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy.



Sarah is generously offering to paint an original 8 x 10 gouache of your favourite item of clothing or perhaps a piece of clothing you wish you owned but don't. All you have to do to enter is to like Sarah's facebook page and leave a comment on this post telling me the one item of clothing you will ask Sarah to paint (you can always change your mind later - we won't hold you to it!). This giveaway is open to all my readers and will close on Sunday, March 17th at midnight (EST). I'll announce the winner next Monday.

Now enter away! I'm off to finish cleaning out my closets!