5 bedroom storage solutions

I've told you how small my closets are, right? They're so tiny and narrow that you can't even hang a hanger in them correctly. I guess those Victorians didn't have much of a need for clothes storage!  This is the first house I've lived in where it's imperative that I store away clothes when I'm not using them. I've invested in an assortment of different boxes and storage bags that I stow under my bed. However, I find even this isn't enough. Plus there are all those other things like books, magazines, linens, jewellery and accessories - where does it all go! With our new bedroom in full swing, I thought it was a good time to look for other smart storage solutions. Below are a few ideas I'm thinking of adopting... #1 - Chairs

If you have a chair obsession like me, you might have a few extra chairs lying around the house looking for a new place to call home. I find they work really well in the bedroom and are natural places to store extra linens, storage boxes, and books. Of course, they are also great places to hang that sweater or dress you just took off!

#2 - Tubes and Crates

I love the idea of using existing materials (the circles above are made from cardboard tubes found at your local hardware store) to create storage that is as striking to look at as it is practical. These would be great for storing sweaters, t-shirts and even socks. Some shelves with found crates is another easy way to add storage. These crates would be great for stashing away all of my magazines and books. To find out how to make the storage tubes check out this easy DIY.

#3 Baskets

I think my love of baskets is well documented! I honestly can't imagine a single room without them. They're perfect for stashing under beds or beside your dresser or just on their own. I like the idea of creating some open shelving and then placing multiple baskets on the shelves like in this bathroom.

#4 Baskets on Hooks

Hooks are another great way to create storage in a bedroom but even better is baskets on hooks! Think of all the accessories you could hide away in one of these baskets. Not only is it practical but it looks great as well creating visual interest in your room.

#5 Ladders

Finally, I love the idea of leaning a vintage wooden ladder with tons of character up against a wall and using it to hang jewellery or magazines or even extra blankets on. It would add wonderful texture to a room.

The thing I like about the above solutions is that most of them are pretty affordable and don't require hours of assembly, complicated instructions or oodles of money. A quick trip to the hardware store and/or antique market and you're on your way. Most are easy, quick weekend projects you could accomplish in a few hours. Do you have a favorite?

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