kilim floor pillows

My good friend Liz over at The Arthur emailed me the other day to tell me that she had found two kilim pillows on one of her vintage hunts. She suggested that they might make a nice addition to my living room and wondered whether I would like to buy them before she put them up for sale on her website. Liz knows a push-over when she sees one and I easily acquiesced to her suggestion!

There’s something about floor pillows that makes a living room more relaxed and intimate. You’re kind of inviting your friends to take their shoes off and get comfortable.  They also provide great extra seating in a pinch which is definitely a plus in narrow or small living rooms like ours.

Some of my favorite rooms feature kilim floor pillows:

Artist David Bromley's home

Marie Olsson Nylander's home

But I have to admit that it was these images, from Commune designer Roman Alonso’s home, (first seen over on Simple Lovely) that convinced me that adding a couple extra kilim pillows would be a good addition to my home. I find this simple, relaxed bohemian style works well for a family (where nothing is too precious) while still having a bit of an edge.

The other thing I noticed in these photographs was the dark brown trim and woodwork. This is very common in Toronto homes and often a bone of contention for new homeowners. Many people feel in order to modernize their home they either have to paint the woodwork out or be happy decorating in a style that is suited to the period of the house. I think these photographs are proof that you can keep the dark woodwork and still have a eclectic, creative up to date home. Don't you think? Do these rooms speak to you?

Oh and if any of you out there are looking for a specific vintage treasure for your home, say a kilim pillow or vintage artwork drop Liz a line. She’s happy to do the hunting for you! What would you send her hunting for?

Photo credits:
1) The Marion House Book
2) Mikkel Vang
3) Sara Svenningrud
4,5,6) Amy Neunsinger