With Fall fast approaching, I'm craving the look of deep rich colours like Pantone's colour of the year; Marsala.  I love it mixed with a pale pink, deep greens and even a charcoal grey.  What colours are you craving this fall?

apricot and aqua

You know that I'm not one for a lot of colour but as the warmer months hit us I'm drawn to softer, lighter palettes. I keep seeing variations on the apricot and aqua combination popping up everywhere. I have to admit that Joslyn over at Simple Lovely planted a seed in my head a few months back when she stated that she had a mild obsession with the colour combination of peach and cobalt blue. These are all variations on that scheme, some a little brighter others more subdued, that recall Mexico, Italy and summer vacations. Could you see yourself adopting this colour trend anywhere? I think I might start with some clothing although I really love dusky aqua walls and salmon pink chairs in Erin Fetherston's Tribeca loft in the third image down!

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