fifty-two objects - no. 01

Imagine this scenario....years from now someone comes across a box full of your possessions and tries to piece together a story of the person you were. Maybe this box contains photographs, books, personal documents, clothing, cutlery, ticket stubs or even a packet of gum. What would those objects say about you? Would they tell an accurate history of your life? What story would they tell? I guess one of the things I'm interested in is why we keep certain objects and not others. Is it because the object reminds us of a time and place in our lives, is it because of an obligation to history or ancestral preservation or is it because we simply find beauty in that object.

One of my new year resolutions is to stop and appreciate the things I already have. In our consumerist society, it's so easy to always want more, more, more but what about the stuff we already have. Over the next year, I'm going to document 52 different objects that have somehow made their way into my life.

I have no specified criteria for choosing these objects other than the fact that they are the ones I would probably save or reach for if I had to leave my house suddenly. They are the objects I have moved from place to place and found new homes for at each location. Some were given to me, others I bought and some were found along the way. Each has its own little story that I will tell.

As I work my way through these objects I would love to hear your stories as well.

the friday files

One of the things I love seeing in a house is a well curated collection of objects. Massed together they instantly make a statement about the home owner and often tell us a little story about what this person may be about. I'm always curious how people start collections: why this object and not that one, what started the collection, and what motivates them to keep it going. When I saw this house owned by fashion designer Nina van Rooijen I was immediately fascinated by her selection of well curated objects. Who would have thought collecting old sporting equipment (among other things) could look so good! Definitely gives me some ideas to think the next time I go to the flea market. To see more of her beautiful space please click here.

Photographs by Rita Palanikumar.

thrill of the hunt

Easter weekend is here! Four glorious days to finally pack winter away (goodbye boots, heavy coats, and winter mittens) and bring in spring (hello open windows, sunglasses, and bare skin). I have a long list of things I'm hoping to accomplish including replanting the urn outside our front door, raking and cleaning up the garden, and tackling those kitchen lights.

Harry is still a bit young for an Easter egg hunt but I thought we could go hunting nonetheless. Instead of eggs, I'm hoping to hit up some of the local antiques stores searching for beautiful little things to add to my collections. I'll be looking for white ceramics, wooden objects, antique glass and anything else that catches my fancy. I love a good hunt!

What are your plans this weekend?

Martyn Thompson

Anson Smart

via the style-files

William Abranowicz

Gentl & Hyers

Ditte Isager

Caitlyn Wylde

More great hallways

I came across these two great hallway images today from photographer Francois Halard, one of my favorite photographers for interiors. I've seen these Victorian coat stands before and thought they were too ornate for my taste. This image changes my mind. Of course, it is the hats that make it. A great collection, no matter what it is, always makes a statement.

And here again with the hats...

Hmmm...maybe I should be looking for hats and not art.