bought in france

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering what I bought while I was away in France. To be honest, not much! On the whole, I found it to be quite expensive but of course, I picked up a few things. When I visit another country, I like to bring back a few reminders of my time there; one or two carefully chosen items that bring back memories of the experience. High on my list was a classic Breton striped shirt made famous by such people as Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso. It is one of my absolute favorites!

I picked one up at Petit Bateau on Rue Saint-Honore right across the street from Colette. I think it is one of those shirts I will have for a very long time. It never goes out of style. While we were in the store the sales assistant took time to show us how all of the shirts are made in France and carefully stitched so the lines match up from side to side. On the clothing side I also picked up a shirt at Muji and a pair of boots from Minelli which were more of a necessity than anything else.

I did pick one item (yes, only one) at a flea market in Paris but I will save that story for another post.

And that was it....well almost. I was also given a very special present from my Mum and Dad who had been traveling across China, Mongolia, Russia, and Uzbekistan to name a few of the countries before they arrived in Paris. While they were in Samarkand, the central city on the Silk Road, they stopped by the market and picked up a beautiful hand embroidered Suzani for me. I was over the moon when I saw it. The details and hand stitching are absolutely exquisite. I knew that this was going to be the one item that every time I looked upon would remind me of this trip - nothing could top it!

For now, it is proudly on display in our living room where I can see it every day. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Mum and Dad! I really think it is objects like these that make a house a home. A home that is layered with personal items each with their own meaning bring a space to life and infuse it with personality.

How about you? Do you have any special objects or items in your home you purchased while away on a trip that have meaning for you?

And finally, I'd like to say a special to thanks to Mon over at Splendid Willow today for featuring my home on one of her Knock, Knock house tours. You know I love a good house tour! Mon is an amazing woman with great style that is evident through her blog. Thanks again, Mon!