my new turkish towels and rack

About a month ago, I mentioned that I had found a vintage towel rack to put up in our bathroom. I've been waiting to show you the photographs until I could get the wall repaired and repainted.  We use to have a standard chrome towel bar on this wall but I found it never really fit more than two towels. It was actually a post written by Suzanne Dimma over at House and Home that reminded me of how beautiful towels can look when simply hung on hooks. They fill the wall and free you from having to fold and hang them so perfectly each time. On my last visit up to Orono, I found this simple accordion wood rack that I knew would be the perfect fodder for my towels.

It could probably do with a bit of refinishing but I like it's rustic charm. The little white details on the end of each peg are also reminiscent of the faucets in our bathroom and are probably what sold me on the piece. It's funny how something so simple can make such a big difference. I've also been trying to add more wood to our bathroom so this was an easy solution.

Of course, once you have a place to display your towels you actually need some nice towels to hang! As you might remember, I was thinking that some Turkish bath towels would be perfect. Lucky for me, my husband actually lived in Turkey for a year and still has some close friends there. One of his dear friends, bundled up six  towels and put them in the post. Aren't they lovely? They are going to be so perfect once the humidity kicks in around here as they dry much faster than normal towels.

I love these kinds of simple design fixes. While it takes a bit of patience and luck to find the right piece it's a relatively quick and inexpensive way to bring some character into a room. Even a simple row of interesting hooks whether they're minimal modern knobs or oversized vintage coat hooks could change the look and feel of bathroom wall.