turkish bath towels

I have a new towel rack in my bathroom...well, it's not new actually it's vintage. I haven't shown you any pictures yet because I still need to patch up the holes in the wall where the old chrome towel bar was. I also think I need to purchase some new towels for it. We've been hanging our old, white towels on it which we received as wedding presents about 7 years ago and I have to admit they are looking kind of tired. The edges are frayed and they're not quite as soft and white as they use to be. What I would really love to replace them with is some new Turkish bath towels. Le Souk

Do you know about Turkish bath towels or Pestamal as they are called in Turkey? They are lighter and thinner than standard towels and as a result try much faster which is an added advantage in humid weather. They also come in the most beautiful textured and striped patterns with that great fringe along the edge . The only problem is they can be exorbitantly expensive, especially on this end of the world.


Enter my husband, who briefly lived in Turkey after high school. He suggested we contact one of his Turkish friends and see if she could pop some in the mail to us. Within a few days she had sent us a Turkish website to look at and towels to choose from (see above). Yesterday, the package was sent. I can't wait to see them!  Of course, once they arrive and the wall is patched up and painted I will show you. Apparently, I'm not the only one hankering after Turkish bath towels. I just spotted them on Anna of Door Sixteen's It List over at sfgirlbybay. I'm in good company!