butterfly chairs for my deck

Over the weekend we went from rather cold, rainy spring weather to full-on summer. We pulled all of our patio furniture out of the basement, turned on the sprinkler and uncovered the sand box. Out came flip flops and sun hats and away went winter boots and scarves. Of course, all of this seasonal switcheroo has got me thinking about what I would like to do in our backyard this year. You might remember that  last year we moved our outdoor eating table to a little alfresco dining spot in the back of the yard. It freed up a lot of space on our deck but now our deck is feeling a little empty. I think it might be nice to make it into a casual seating spot. I'm inspired by the idea of adding some butterfly chairs maybe around a central low table or even planter.

Picture 18I love the look of these white butterfly chairs at this house on Fire Island. This is also where I got the idea for the low coffee table/planter. In fact I think this table/planter would also make great extra seating if you had a few more people over.

DSC05170-copyMorgan over at The Brick House created this modern patio and fire pit setup at her house in California about two years ago. Again I love the look of the white butterfly chairs although I'm a bit concerned about the white. Is it going to stay that colour? Maybe I should send Morgan a quick email and see how her chairs are faring 2 years on. (Done - I'll let you know what she says.)

Picture 4These black ones are nice as well. Of course it might just be the stunning setting.

A little search of the internet reveals that the best place to get them is Circa 50. They have them in a range of colours and sizes. You can even buy replacement covers for vintage frames.

If you're interested in learning  bit more about the history of the butterfly chair (also known as Knoll Hardoy or BFK chair) check out this post. I was fascinated to learn that the first two butterfly chairs to come to the United States went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater House!

Image credits:
1 - Bruce Bierman Design
2 - Morgan Satterfield - The Brick House
3 - Birdseye Design