the friday files

Lake swimming is about all I can think about right now. I don't want to go on about the heat because really, who wants to hear about the weather, but I think it is actually affecting my ability to put two thoughts together. The last time I was this hot was on a family vacation to Morocco, in the middle of August, in the backseat of an non air conditioned car, sandwiched between my two sisters. It is honestly comparable! I came across a couple of great reads this week that I wanted to pass along. The first is a European blog that has the most beautiful soothing and inspiring photographs of children and interiors mainly in France. It is called Like a Butterfly in your House and it is the work of photographer Barbara Berrada. The blog is actually a catalog of shots from her book by the same name. (Thank you Annie for introducing it to me.)

The second blog is of an entirely different nature but equally inspiring. It is the true, gritty story of what is sure to be an absolutely stunning renovation by Chatelaine's home editor, Virginie Martocq. The Reno Files is her first- hand account of her own house-gutting experience. With over ten years experience in the design field and five previous house renovations under her belt her blog is sure to be a wealth of information for anyone undertaking a similar project. The exciting news is that you can get in right on the ground level as she has only written three blog posts to date. I know I'm going to be checking in to see what style of kitchen she goes for, where she spends money and where she saves it and what that two-storey glass wall addition is going to look like!

So let's kick of the weekend with some inspiring images from British photographer Brent Darby. Stay cool, my friends!

All images by Brent Darby.