the final touches

The bedroom is almost finished....emphasis on the "almost". The new headboard is in place, the curtains are hung, and the sheets are on the bed. All that is needed now are a few finishing touches to bring it to life. (By the way, if you're at all interested in catching a glimpse of what the reclaimed wood bedframe looks like I'll be posting a sneak peek of it on my facebook/twitter page this afternoon.) Below are a few things I'm thinking of adding to the room to finish it off.

Filagree Spheres from Terrain

Michelle James Lighting

Gino Sarfatti - 1st Dibs

A friend of mine dropped by my bedroom the other day to give me her opinion on the room and she suggested something in brass for the pendant light. The moment she mentioned it, I knew she was right. While I like all three of these options, I imagine I will probably end up combing the vintage stores in my neighbourhood for something. What do you think of the brass? Sort of a good way or bad?

Bruno Scissor Arm Pharmacy Sconce

Christian Dell Scissor Lamp

One thing I can't wait to install is some scissor arm lamps for either side of the bed. I feel like we have never really had proper lighting to read by at bedtime. It's one of those small things that can make all the difference.



What's a bedroom without lots of pillows. I think something in velvet could be really nice against all that rough, reclaimed wood. I'm contemplating either one long narrow, horizontal pillow or a few smaller ones like above. I also think that soft acqua would be a nice, subtle hit of colour.


That friend I mentioned earlier also suggested adding a reclaimed wood bench to the foot of the bed. Again, she is so right. Beds always looked a little more finished off if they are capped with something. I love the simple lines of the bench above from Canvas.

1st Dibs

Finally, I think this brass candlestick holder would look fantastic on top of the headboard along with stacks of books. The design is absolutely stunning. The trouble will be finding something like this in Toronto. If anyone has seen any thing like this around, please let me know!

I'm hoping to find most of these things in the next 2-3 weeks so that the bedroom is finally finished. I can't wait to show it to you all!